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We aim to get you online with the minimum of fuss. There are three things that you need to get your website live…

  1. domain name
  2. hosting
  3. your website files


servicesLet’s Keep it Simple

Getting a website up and running can all seem a bit daunting. There’s lots of jargon to contend with and it is easy to get overwhelmed. At Cerberus we take all those complexities away and get you online with the minimum of fuss.



Domain Names
Do you want your website to have it’s own domain name? Would you like your e-mails to come from your own domain too? We can register domain names and have them active instantly.

Need a place to host your business website? Running a forum? Blogging ?
We have a simple no nonsense hosting solution for you.

Website design
Our web designs comply to the latest web standards and draw on the work of some of the best designers on the web today. We use a template approach for the majority of our sites which allows us to keep prices down and have a fast turnaround on sites.

We have a number of different all-in-packages that bundle together all that you need to get your website online.

Your Domain Name. What is it?

1345492972_plastique-icons_163A domain name is an address on the Internet.  Just as your street address must be unique so that the post office can deliver mail to you and your telephone number must be unique so that customers can call you, your domain name must be unique so your e-mail reaches you and customers can visit your website.

An international address system called the Domain Name System (DNS) was developed to ensure that every computer connected to the Internet has its own address. In the DNS system, however that address is actually a set of numbers such as This is called the computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address and because these numbers are difficult for humans to remember, DNS allows you to assign a domain name such as google.com to your IP address.

Now when you want to visit Google’s website you can type www.google.com instead of

More about domain names…

Hosting. What is it?

1345492431_plastique-icons_134Your website files have to live somewhere.  They exist on a computer that is accessible 24-7.  This type of computer is called a server and it has an IP number (as described above).  This server hosts your website and is a yearly recurring charge.

More about hosting…

A Website. What is it?

1345491798_plastique-icons_102Well here is the WIKIpedia definition…
“A website is a collection of related web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets. A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address also called URL.”

In short it is a bunch of files that together show some information to someone browsing the internet. It can be as complicated or simple as you desire.

More about website design…