Domain Names

What's in a name?
Domain name registration allows you to purchase a particular domain name (e.g for a period of one year or longer.


  • Park your domain name – keeping the domain reserved for later use
  • Setup free domain name redirection – directing any traffic to another domain
  • Point at your website – if your hosting is with us then we will provide you with space on our servers to host email and publish your web site.

Cerberus Design offers you competitive domain name registration prices for all of the most popular domain types. The most popular are .com domains (international business domain name) and .ie domains for Irish businesses. Find out more about IE domain registration.

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  • Domain Name Pricing
  • €50 per year
    .IE domains
  • €25 per year
    .COM .NET .ORG domains
  • See notes here on
    special conditions related
    to .IE domains*


A domain name is an address on the internet.  Just as your street address must be unique so that the post office can deliver mail to you and your telephone number must be unique so that customers can call you, your domain name must be unique so your e-mail reaches you and customers can visit your website.

An international address system called the Domain Name System (DNS) was developed to ensure that every computer connected to the Internet has its own address. In the DNS system, however that address is actually a set of numbers such as This is called the computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address and because these numbers are difficult for humans to remember, DNS allows you to assign a domain name such as to your IP address.

Now when you want to visit Google’s website you can type instead of