Websites for the little guy.
Sole traders. Small and medium enterprises.
Schools, clubs and……you get the idea.

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Why Use Templates

Here at Cerberus we frequently use templates to speed up development and keep the costs down. Templates are for people who don’t want to spend big money on designers but do not want to compromise on quality.

The benefits are numerous but these we think are the key ones…

  • you get a very good idea of what the website will look like before you start
  • you can tap into the work of some of the best developers worldwide without having to directly hire them
  • it’s faster!!
  • it’s cheaper!!
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Easy To Work With

Would you like to save some money? Of course you would, so that’s why we recommend to all our clients to go with WordPress websites rather than the HTML variety. If you go down the WordPress road then you, the end user, can make changes to your own website whenever you like!!!  You’ll be an expert in no time as it’s easy peasy.

So there will no need to involve the web developer for every little change to your website. You do it all yourself.

Our templates are produced according to the latest standards and we are making the process of working with them as easy as possible!

Customer Support

Here at Cerberus we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we form with our clients. Although this sounds like a cliché, we are literally a phone call or email away. We aim to develop a relationship with our clients based on familiarity and trust, something that is only possible between small businesses like us.

Although we are small our infrastructure is not. Our hosting partner is an Irish company that provides to Cerberus top of the range servers and 24 hours support. All servers have Irish IP addresses. We used Data centres such as the Interxion data centre in Dublin. The servers are protected behind dedicated Hardware firewalls.

If this sounds like a good set-up to you then we’d have to agree. This mix of personal touch and state of the art infrastructure works well for us and our clients. If you want be the next one then click the button below to get in contact.
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