.IE Domains

ie domain names are a great choice for your businesses’ web presence if you are planning on doing business in Ireland. The ie domain requires that any Irish business registering a domain name has a Company Registration Number with the Irish CRO (company registration office) this means that only legitimate businesses are given a .ie domain name which makes the .ie domain highly trustworthy.

Companies from outside of Ireland can also apply for .ie domain names, but they must prove to the IEDR that they are doing business within Ireland. This normally means a copy of an invoice for business done in Ireland being sent to the IEDR.

How Google Views .ie domains

.ie domain names are given priority by Google if the search being performed is either from Ireland or if the search query is about Ireland. .ie domain names would perform better for example in the Google.ie searches.

Rules for registering .ie Domain Name: (getting an Irish domain name)

A .ie domain name can be registered for the following categories: Personal Name, Corporate Name, Registered Business Name, Trade Mark Name, Publication Name, Unincorporated Association Name, State Agency Name, Educational Institution Name, Politician’s Name, Personal Trading Name, Discretionary Name.

Backup Documentation is required for registration:

Irish Limited and Non Limited companies must provide their Company Registration Number. You can look yours up at www.cro.ie.
Companies outside Ireland can apply for .ie domains but must have proof of business in Ireland such as invoices. (a fax copy must be sent).
For Trade Mark Names a copy of register Trade Mark Certificate must be provided by fax.
Other Categories should contact us to find out what documentation is required. For Full details see IE Registration Policy and Naming Policy

Please note the registration of your domain is not complete until this documentation is received and approved by the IEDR. This means you need to be prompt in sending this to secure your domain.

An Irish (.ie) domain name consists of a number of labels separated each from the next by a dot (period). The characters which may be used in a label are the 26 letters [“A”-“Z”] of the Roman alphabet without regard to upper- or lower-case, the 10 digits [“0”-“9”] and the hyphen [“-“]. The hyphen may not be used as the initial or final character of a label. Each label may be up to 63 characters in length and must be no less than three. The entire domain name, counting the separating dots, must be no longer than 255 characters. Domain names with 2 characters may be permitted provided that not both are letters. Two letter domains are still not permitted.

Personal Name .ie Domains:

Are available for Pre-Registration only. Full Registration begins on 31st October 2007. Your pre-registration will be automatically submitted on this date. Please note a Personal Name must be your actual name e.g. patrickmurphy.ie, pmurphy.ie, patrick-murphy.ie. You must be able to produce a Irish/Northern Ireland Passport, Driving License, Utility Bill, Birth Cert or Marriage Cert. No Nicknames are allowed. Pre-registration is no guarantee that you will obtain the domain. Please see more details here on  .ie Personal Names

What happens if my .ie application is rejected?

Almost all reasonable applications are accepted, however if your application fails your payment will be fully refunded subject to our terms and conditions.

Changes to your .ie domains:

You have full ownership of your .ie domain name. If you wish to change name servers or contact information in the future you will need to contact us with your requested changes.